The React Testing

Learn the best practices and strategies to effectively test your react components and applications.

Hi 👋 I' m Kati Frantz , and I've built tons and tons of React applications. Everyone can ship software, but shipping quality software requires a lot of quality assurance and best practices.

A professional ships confident, well tested, and stable code.

This is the standard, but testing react applications can be painful and complex. What are the best practices ? What should I test ? How can I test a react router based, redux store connected stripe checkout form 😱😭?

Be glad you found this course, because this course will show you the best practices for testing components and full scale applications.

We'll be testing an ecommerce application 🛒💰 with Stripe Checkout. Here are some of the features we'll be testing:

🍄 Reusable checkboxes

🌴 External API powered products listing

🌐 Product tiles accessibility

🌾 Off canvas filter menu (with portals)

🌲 Prevent scroll on canvas open

🎏 Event listener cleanups

🔕 Debounced products search

🍉 Context dependent components

🔐 React router page navigation

📪 Redux connected components and pages

🏄 Custom hooks

👜 Checkout modal

🍇 Stripe checkout

And so much more ! I've curated a real-world project so you learn techniques and strategies you can use in your companies starting today !

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    Hi, My name is Kati Frantz, and I have built and shipped react applications for top tier US based companies for the past 4 years. To make sure the work we do as a team does not breakdown in future or in production, we have written over 2000+ test cases over several applications using different tools. I've put all of this experience into a free course, because testing react applications correctly made the software we built much more stable and less bug free, and I want to help teams all over the world do the same.